Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas EveryBunn!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Sometimes, you have do do things you really don't want to because it is the right and proper thing to do. This is one of those times. I'm tired. I'm in pain and I want to go back to bed and cover up my head but THAT is NOT an option.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

50 for Breakfast!

I am enjoying the lake! I stopped counting at 42!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Picture Post

Picture Post... Our new place

Monday, October 19, 2009

B.U.S.S.! Do You have this?

How to tell you are suffering from BUSS

This malady is ofen associated with moving from one pace to another. Duration and severity are directly related to time and energy expended and exceeded over any one 24 hour period. Bed rest and chocolate seem to help some patients but relief is short-lived and must be repeated often.

If you think you or a loved one maybe be suffering from "Boxed up stress Syndrome", please take immediate action.


* Packing Boxes contents labeled as "Stuff" and "More stuff"

* Packing Boxes labeled "Surprise", Don't Know--don't Care"?"

* Strange, odd-shaped boxes that smell funny and are ticking that are labeled
"Do Not Open 'til Christmas"


If you or a loved one are boxing up geese, You are beyond help.

Move is a go for Nov 1. I am so ready to be done.


Two Foolish Geese who agreed to be shipped to Ohio instead of some place warmer

Geese are so easy... I only asked them once....proves saying "Silly as a goose"...
Yes, it does! Don't argue with me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"Keep this copy for your records"

Today, I packed records! LP records, albums, and the devise to play them on. As I was sorting through history, putting this record and that one into the correct cover, I was suddenly awed by all I have seen. It was one of those moments- you knows the ones. The ones where if you were a cartoon, the light bulb would suddenly appear and be glowing and the caption would say, "Duh."

You get the light bulb when you are old and have seen a lot of stuff.

I sorted through the different record albums and noted the artists. James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkle, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, 2001, A Space Odyssey, The William Tell Overture, Patch, the Pirate Teaches Music, John Denver, Andy Williams, The Gatlin Brothers, Eagles. Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, Ed Ames... My Gosh!

And these records ... these were not packed somewhere in a closet! These are records I play often. (well, maybe not Patch, the Pirate) I took the tape deck/radio, CD player, record player unit from the counter next to the fridge, detached the speakers and packed them all.

So, here was history all in one box, one unit... the same artists... Gordon, Simon & Garfunkle, Glen, Ed, Andy, Kenny, John and the entire gang.. on LP - that means Long Playing.. 33. Big vinyl disks, one little hole. And here they all are again on cassette tapes...again on CD and yet again.. on my I-POD.

So! It is true.. history repeats itself!


and so it goes... I continue packing up "life"
The kitchen... the final frontier... no, wait- who knows what is in the attic?

D. would cringe if he knew I posted photos like these but this is life and life is messy and mostly disorganized. Most of us are just doing our best and leaving the rest and if we really admitted it we would have to say that some of life just can't be categorized- neatly filed though I am sure D would try.

Our organizational styles are very different. D. would probably take one item from a drawer, make an instant decision-keep, toss, ask because this item might for some unknown and obscure reason be important and of great value. (to me)

My style however, is to drag everything out, look at it, think a while about it, ponder how it came to be and where it came from and then decide- keep or toss.

It is my way and the way I approach most things- Just Jump in.. must be the bunny in me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorry, I couldn't Resist


October is my favorite month!

October has always seemed to be a moth for change and good things. Change is good, a friend told me but we do not lke change. Change can be hard. It stretches us and forces us to do more.. to be more..

So. Welcome October! Here are a couple of "change " pics.


The bunny count is NOT Offficial.

I counted 62 in the pic but I have discovered more bunnies since.
Bunnies are such excellent hiders!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

White Flag

after all is said and done, look for the white flag of surrender. no doubt you will see it there

Eye surgery today

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Silas came home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going Places I should Not Go

It is so strange-packing up pieces of your life. Now, when I look for something, it's in a box somewhere. We have been in this house 11 years! We have a lot of stuff! It was a mistake though, to sort through all the files in my desk. I should have just moved everything in the file from desk to box and not looked

But No! I looked and was surprised.


Wow! I sure would have written that piece differently today!
Wow! This is worst than mindless moronic dribble I have ever read. It has been left on the basketball court far too long!
Wow! This is fantastic! Did I really write this? ... checks name. YES! It's Mine!
Wow! This piece would be great if only... edit... type, type, type, squint, edit, spell check, edit...

By now, it is 5 AM and I have been up all night, Then I notice D. is awake.

"Wow! Look what I found! It's so funny! I can't believe I wrote this! Do you want to hear it? " (No answer) Groans do NOT count as answers.


What will I miss about living in this house- the only house we ever owned... well, we didn't actually .. the bank and others.. oh well..

I'll miss the birds singing at 6 AM (especially the doves that nested in a tree by the porch.)

I'll miss the pond and all the creatures that visit and live there and all there and sounds they make. The foxes that denned under our mini barn, the wild bunnies, the blue heron, the geesse and ducks, the bull frogs and yes, even the red-winged blackbirds that dive bomb when you dare walk to the water's edge and sit under the willow trees.

I'll miss the peach and cherry tree S. planted when he was just a kid. The birds snatched all the cherries but we had some nice peaches to feast on for a while. First time this year!

I'll miss walking out on the deck at 2 or 3 AM, and standing at the rail watching the moon and listening to the night sounds.

The house is easy to leave. It is just a house. It needs much repair, part our own fault but most is fault in learning. Check first before purchasing if there is a class action law suit going on because the siding is defective...

One thing I wish I had done though and did because I was foolish, I will have to deal with. I buried my 4 bunnies in the flower bed by the front porch. I wanted them close by but I should have buried them out back somewhere where they would less likely be disturbed. So, I have decided the only ting I can do for them is to write a note and put it in a bottle and bury it with the top exposed in hopes some curious kind person will discover and dig gently.

this not the material for a blog I suppose but these are my thoughts on this day and it is my blog. I had a web site for years, I kept a journal. It is gone now too and I sorely regret I didn't take the time and transfer those thoughts to hard copy, but at the time, there were too many other things pushing and pulling ..demanding I do this or do that, so, I just deleted the account. I am sorry now. Those days recorded are lost.. like the time I was surprised and happy to learn a bunny was living under the mini barn.. that was before the foxes. I left him carrots in the snow. Deaths of loved ones, passing of friends, what being a friend actually means, Monkeys, happy days and sad. sigh

Foolish foolish! I should NOT be writing this today. It is not constructive and is not positive and it is making me cry. I don' tknow why. So I will end and occupy my mind with laundry, piles of scattered stuff I don't know what to do with, dishes and other things that lurk in corners and sneer at me. But before I do that, I will go sit on the deck and listen for the bullfrogs and ducks. END.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


For those who have asked, here are my rabbits!.

Mr Fritz is the white bunny
Hans Solo is the Dutch - dark brown and white
Miss Bea is the grey one


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Talking about moving is one ting but when you start filling boxes, it's entirely something else. It becomes REAL! sigh

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't mess wif the bunns!

Don't mess wif the bunn!

Sorry, I just couldn't stop!

Friday, April 3, 2009

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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here's a lin to a site where you can create your own cartoon. Enjoy

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fred is Dead!

Fed is dead! Yes, it's true. In these past few weeks, I have coaxed, pleaded, wept, and literally willed him back from the brink of death countless times but in spite of all my efforts Fred is gone.

I've known and even prepared for his demise. He had all the classic signs- he was overheating constantly and he would often just loose all mobility and every time, he recovered, he lost a bit of his memory. He was just NOT the Fred I knew and loved.

It was heart-breaking to watch him struggle. I even thought, forgive me, of assisting him on to a better life and there were those who agreed readily with this idea. After all was said and done though, the majority convinced me that "taking a hammer to him" was just too harsh so I settled myself to wait it out.

I tried everything-all the home remedies I could think of; sought advise from a variety of helpful people, but in the end not even a specialist could save him.

In this modern world of miraculous technology however, Fred can live again or so they tell me. I am collecting his parts right now-the best ones-the ones that were working prior to his death. I remain hopeful.

They say they can rebuild him and he will be better and stronger. I just hope it won't cost six -million dollars. I

Sunday, March 1, 2009



Someone give me a topic!

A list of words to incorporate into a tale!




By D.J.L.

She was five foot two and weighed about a hundred three pounds, Hartwell guessed. He prided himself on being right on the money, and he was most of the time. He allowed his gaze to slide over her body. Blonde ringlets framed her face giving her a child like appearance but Jane was not a child. She was between twenty-five and thirty years, Hartwell guessed again. Jane was a woman filled with mysteries and he was determined to explore each and every one of them.

Hartwell let his mind drift back to when he had first seen her. She wore jeans and a faded denim shirt tied in a knot at her waist. Hiking boots with bright red socks sat neatly beside her back pack. The boots appeared to be quite new and Hartwell wondered if Jane stopped here in this lonely place to give her feet a rest. She seemed in quiet contemplation, lying there, her head tilted skyward as her wide-open blue eyes explored the green lushness of the leaves.

Hartwell recalled the buzz and hum of busy insects and the sticky prickle of sweat dripping down his neck. The day was already summer sizzle hot and it was still early.

Hartwell studied Jane’s face. He noted the beginnings of laugh lines around her mouth and he felt a sudden flash of anger and sadness. The waste and the senselessness of it all welled up from somewhere deep inside him and exploded like hot bile in his throat. It was always the same- every single time

He’d known many women just like her and it was always a waste. This Jane, like countless others who had crossed his path were puzzles, complicated crossword jumbles that had been carelessly tossed away like soiled newspapers.

Hartwell sighed and hardened himself for the task at hand and the stainless steel coldness of the room seemed to echo his thoughts as he touched her body.

“Jane... Jane Doe,” he whispered. “Speak.”

C Copyright 2009 by D.J.L.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman!!!!

D & I went to hear Celtic woman at the Murat Theater. What a fantastic concert! It was all I hoped! Enjoy some of the music we experienced (gleaned from youtube)

only one photo is mine. It's a forbidden one of the stage. We had great seats about 12 rows back- center. The two rows in front of us were not sold, so we moved up!

I couldn't contain my excitement so during intermission, I made a quick call - (sometimes you just gotta) I forgot to turn my phone back off and sure enough, it rang. about 3 times before D could grab it and shut it off. Oh My! Sorry to hang up on ya Laura!

It was a snowy and cold and on the walk back to the car, big fluffy snowflakes were falling. It was like a fairy dream. Next time though, we both agreed we would make use of the valet parking.


Eagles next month!! woo hoo!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


“…so, you just packed up everything and just moved ? No jobs waiting ? And you didn’t know a single person?”

The young man looked intently at the woman he had known all his life and wondered how it could be that he knew so little about her.

“Just like a pioneer woman, huh?“

Oh, don’t you remember *Sweet Besty from Pike who crossed the wide prairie with her husband Ike. ..?”

He sang and grinned at his reference to the old folk song and studied her face for any recognition that she had actually heard him speaking.

Without changing the cadence of her rocking or opening her eyes to look at him, the old lady smiled.

“Yes, we packed everything we owned, which wasn’t that much as I recall-it fit nicely in a small U-haul trailer- and we moved. It’s true we had no job prospects but I did know someone -a lady I met just once-we had exchanged phone numbers.”

She stopped rocking, opened her eyes and looked at him, her own brown eyes meeting his blue matter-a-factly and directly.

When you speak to someone, look them straight in the eye and when you shake someone’s hand, be firm in your grip. That inspires confidence.

He marveled and shook his head. So many thoughts, just like this one -things she’d told him when he was a lad seemed to pop in his brain a lot lately.

“Sweet Betsy, she continued still gazing directly into his eyes, never married that scoundrel, Ike. Well, not until much later.”

The old lady grinned and sang all ten verses including each and every chorus. Then she added a few verses of her own making just for good measure.

He used to absolutely hate it when she sang. She always changed the song around and added her own words and rhyme. Sometimes, it was hilariously funny but more often he had found it embarrassing and obnoxious.

The song he hated most of all was the morning song. He never knew the actual name of it but he remembered the words. And that was another odd thing. He found himself humming it in the shower just the other day. He not only hummed it but he sang it with his voice growing louder with each repeat just as his Mom had done so many long years ago.

Ri-se and shine and give God the glo-ry glo-ry…Ri-se and shine…

Funny, he didn't ,mind one bit her singing now. In fact, he wished she would sing more-much much more.

C copyright February, 2009 by DJL

*The tune is based on an early 19th century British song Villikins and His Dinah. It is also a variant of the Scottish melody Lord Randall.

Monday, February 16, 2009

They KNOW what you are Thinking!

... conversation overheard by deer between two hunters whispering in the woods

"...can you see him?"

"no, can you?"

"No, not yet but I bet he has a huge rack, probably 10-12 points. I bet he is a big BIG BUCK!"

"shhhh, you idiot. Never use CAPS and exclamation points while in the woods.
These are wild and witty creatures. they can even hear you think."

"They know what I am thinking? For real?"

"Yeah, they can. And you better be thinking the right stuff."

INSET SILENCE of about 45 seconds.

no wait.. scratch that.

insert silence of about 10 seconds.

"so, are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"I dunno. What are you thinking?"

" I am thinking, it's freaking cold out here. And all the sensible bucks are laying low snickering under their breaths. Let's go back to the truck."

"Is that what you were thinking?"

"NO, I was thinking about bears."

"Bears? I'm not hunting bears with a bow. Forget that."

"No. I wasn't thinking about hunting bears. I was thinking about if bears "do it" in the woods and they do, they have to , right? Well, where do they "do it? the same place every time? or do they just "do it" where ever they happen to be whenthe call hits them? And that "charmin" bear on TV. How did they teach that bear to wipe his bum like that?"

That's what I was thinking."


Chained, Charmed & Delighted

My Hare charm arrived late in the afternoon by Federal Express! It is exactly like the one that was lost. It is perfect! Now, I keep thinking I will find the one I lost. When you get a replacement of something, the lost one usually turns up. I bet there is some kind of law or rule about that! "Finders Keepers-Loosers Weepers Law" ?

D. did himself proud for Valentine's Day! (He always does) Christmas gifts, cards, etc. we sometimes let pass. Birthdays too but never Valentine's Day!

Here are my beautiful Purple roses!

I don' thave a pic of the chocolates-Yeah D got that too!

We ate it all in secret and did not share!

To add to a simply wonderful day, D said he would watch a "Chick flick" with me! You see, I love movies but D is not a movie fan. He enjoys instead, programs featuring hunters that whisper back and forth between themselves.

I was excited! I wondered what movie he would choose! Princess Bride? Mr. Wonderful? Must Love Dogs?
When Harry Met Sally? Pretty Woman? Romeo & Juliet? What? I was getting very excited.

D's pick for a chick flick was......

Wait for it.............




C H I C K E N R U N !!

A true Chick Flick!

I DO LOVE this movie!

Happy Val & Tiny Day Everyone!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Chained" but not "Charmed"

How NOT to run a business!!!!!!!

My Valentine gift arrived this morning by UPS.

I was excited!
I knew what it was!! or I thought I did!

I happily opened the small gift box and..and..and...

It contained only a chain.....

No "Hare" charm..just a chain

You see D. Gave me a beautiful rabbit charm- a hare-not a b Bunny- a Hare.. there is a differfence. It was my favorite piece of jewelry and I wore it all the time

The chain got caught somehow in the dishwasher...yeah I know but it happened. When I leaned over and stood up, it broke. I laid the broken necklace and the Hare charm on the table .....somehow it became lost... I thought for a while that D. had taken it to get it fixed and was secretly pleased for many days but then I asked.

No, he didn't have it-it wasn't being fixed-it was gone! LOST- and in all my searching-I never found it again.

Today's gift was a replacement Hare charm and chain.

Only the chain was listed on the shipping list BUT on the cash register recipt, bothe chain and charm were listed. No NOTE- no notheing.. NO Hare Charm!

When D. called before he finished his sentence, the lady at the Jewerly store said, "We don't stock those, they come from a separate manafacture." She was well versed in this it seemed. She also mentioned the return policy (which we will be making use of) The chain is too small. :(

HOW NICE! no mention of this small fact on the web site or on the shipping paper work AND no mention of who the "separate manafacture" was.

How much easier it would have been if someone had added a notation-something-


"Here is your chain. The Hare charm you ordered from us is coming from a different place and will be mailed in a differentnt package by THEM. We don't really have those in stock. Yes, I know they are pictured together BUT we ain't got them in our stock. HAVE A NICE DAY!

So maybe or maybe not.. only the shadow knows if I will get my Hare Charm for Valentine's Day. It was wonderful being able to track the chain's progress.. when it was mailed.. where it was at any given time....he charm, however is on it's own.

I have noticed as I have grown older I have NO patience with:

* things that don't work the way they are supposed to
* people who don't do what they say
* and companies who run their business like idiots!

I KNOW this a small thing but it is a small thing I should not have had to deal with.

-nuff said!

Oh, Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! myspace graphic comments
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's call it a month

A friend tells me you should "eat them when they are young"

D. sent me this cartoon. If it weren't so true, I would have laughed.

Well, so much for keeping up with the blog. January is almost over.


* We had some very cold temps... below zero a few times

* January 20
was "Yes" Day- I know a new president was sworn in on this day but January 20th is always "Yes" Day to me. This is the 32nd year for "Yes" Day. D. and I acknowledged it and then let it pass quietly.

* January 22-26
D and I went to Owensboro, KY for an overnight trip. It was a J.'s birthday party. He had some musician friends come in for a jam session. There were 5 guitar players, 2 harmonica players , drums and a double bass. Lots of wonderful food and the musi c was rocking. We all had breakfast at a place Called, "Hill Billy's" - inside a Marathon gas station. Great Food! Great Friends!

Got to visit a bit with a bunny friend of mine and meet two of her bunnies for the first time-Mema and Luna. Shadow and Babsy,are old friends! Memo entertained us with some very excellent binkies. :) Here is Luna. She has "Velvet" ears. D. and I both noted this. Beautiful Luna!

* January 27
Dealing with a sick Mr Fritz this week. He is totally into stasis! Extreme emergency situation for a bunny. ~ a bunny that doesn't eat, drink or poo. I did all I knew to do - raw pineapple juisce, baby pedeo lyte, critcal care, laxatone, belly massages ~ He needed more -Took him to the e vet on Tuesday in a whirl of snow and sleet. We got a got a foot of snow Tuesday night.

The IV fluids have made the difference. He has started nibbling and a few potties. So things are beginning to move again. He has a ways to go though.. more IV fluids tonight. I had D come and check thismorning to see if Fritz was still here. Today is the anniversary of Harry's passing. It was snowy that year too- 2000. Loosing Mr Fritz on the same day.. oh my.. too much- that would have been way too after loosing Velvet so recently. I am still forgetting and call her name. She stillhops so very near my heart. All my bunnies do! Maybe because Velvet's death was so recent, maybe because I had to "help" her go, maybe because she was still so bright and perky, maybe because of all these things, the tears are very close to the surface. While a memory of this or that can make me cry what amazes me was I found myself in tears and there was NO particulair memory that triggered it, It was just SAD, -just sad. :(

Why write all this? well, Why not? It is my blog, my life, my thoughts. A writer has to write, tha tis just the way of things. A writer has to write something.

Looking into February and beyond..

D. and I have tickets for Celtic Woman in Feb
AND tickets to see THE EAGLES in March.. woo hoo!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kill Fred!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fred is driving me crazy. I think if he continues I shall kill him! It will be very easy- I have thought about it-a lot!

CTRL-ALT-DEL Every friggin THING!

This computer is FredIV. All my computers were "Freds"

The first "Fred" was actually a program I created about a million years ago in BASIC. It was for a home school computer class I taught. Fred was a simple computer image on screen created using the available keyboard letters...line after line after line. He announced himself with a smile and then said some pretty insulting things about the teacher behind her back. The kids all laughed. When turned Friendly Fred, the computer was gone! (the programmed "Beep" was my cue to turn.)- I knew he would be gone.


Yes, he was gone every single time!

In once upon a time , long and far away days, most computers were powered by mice, hamsters or disgruntled squirrels. Squirrel power was the best
, especially if the squirrel was really really mad. A really upset squirrel could almost connect to AOL for about 3 minutes.

Kids were easier to amuse way back then too and even could be fooled into thinking computers really did run on squirrel power and that a little man lived in the fridge who operated the light switch. Yes, he's there all right. Go look for yourself!


*Name Your Computer* next post

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

New year's is over now. This is the 2nd day!

The house is very quiet and I am alone.I cried when the year year was declared but no one knew. I did not open the front door to let the new year in and I did not open the back door to let the old year out. I did not shout "Happy New Year" in to the night. I did not mark the new calendar with dates. A chore reserved for the first hours of the new year-to carry the old dates and set them to the new.

I counted foxes. There were five. They move in shadows and the glow of their eyes mark the path. I wonder if my eyes would glow in the shadows and could be seen or has the glow grown so dim it would be a darkness ?

I drank some wine and fell asleep I dreamed of rabbits in the snow. Rabbits that are lost now and can never return. save as strands of gossamer, pale and silent as a whispered memory.

I will see them again, They are safe from the foxes.