Friday, April 14, 2017

The Return of The King

Return of the King*

By Deborah J Lindsey

” The King Has Returned,” Emily whispered the tittle into the room.  

She’d never been much for fantasy but this series intrigued her. She couldn’t wait to begin reading it.

“What’s that Dear?”  Agnes looked up inquiringly at her Sister as she stirred her tea.
“I said, “The king has returned.” 

“Was he on vacation again?  I’ll swan, these “Big Wigs” are always gone off someplace or another.

Come, sit, have some tea, won’t you?”

Agnes removed the cozy from the pot and began to pour the steaming liquid into a delicate rose patterned cup. Her blue-veined hands trembled slightly with jerky movements, but she finally managed to fill the cup.

“Honey? Lemon?  Just the thing for your sore throat.”  Agnes smiled and held out a plate to her sister.
Emily accepted the plate then sat it down again.  The lemons were unevenly sliced-one side thin, the other thick. 


“No, thanks.”   Emily smiled.

The honey was a sticky plastic bear with a squeeze top.

How did we get so old? Emily wondered. 

A gentle breeze waltzed in from the open window causing the curtains to billow.  Emily watched the dust particles dance in the air then fall like misty fluffs of fine white dandruff. 

The hired girl would have to go.  She was just plain lazy. Truth be told, she probably watched while poor Agnes struggled to slice those lemons. 

Emily took a sip of tea then set the cup down again to float in an Earl Grey saucer sea.

She sighed and wished she lived in a utopia- somewhere like The Shire. She thought   she would very much enjoy living in a quaint Hobbit House.

C Copyright April, 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

*Return of the King* 
(The Return of the King is the third and final volume of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, )

Choose your own combo prompt for 4/13/2017:
choose 3 or more
A>  First line :"The king has returned!"
B> Genre : Fantasy

C> Situation : an Argument
D> Dialog only
E> Must use the following words: vacation, lazy, utopia, dandruff, sore throat, tea, jerky
F> Most not use the words: royalty, sovereign, usurper, duke, crown, thrown, magic sword.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Double Dog Dare

Double Dog Dare

By Deborah J Lindsey

“I double-dog-dare-ya!”  The challenge was issued and could not be denied.  A mob of 10-year-olds encircled me and I could see more coming.  The older ones nearby took interest and were advancing in quick-step.

“Jump! Jump!”  voices chanted.
 I was old Now, how could I manage?

The ropes beat a rhythm on the pavement and seemed to drum remembered skills into my brain.

Hot Pepper!  Double-Dutch!

Then with nothing left to do, I jumped.

                                                                  C Copyright April. 2017 by Deborah  J Lindsey

Last Line Prompt:  with nothing left to do, I jumped.

Monday, April 10, 2017

"Elementary, My Deaar Watson"

4/10 Word List Prompt
Write what ever you want. About 300-500 words. You must use these words (of note, you may change the tense.)

“Elementary, My Dear Watson”
    By Deborah J Lindsey

My real name is Sue Watson.  Online, I’m “Sweet Sue”. Tweeting is new but so far, my witty posts haven’t generated followers.  Well, I do have three- a car dealership in Florida. a time-share venture, and some guy who calls himself, “Ed, the Sheep-Shearer.” 

I don’t want millions-just a couple of hundred and they only need pretend to like my stories.

Writers MUST have feed-back!  We crave it!  It’s butter for our bread, oil for our vinegar, and looney for our tune!

Finally, I became so distressed, I changed my name to “Disgruntled Tweeter.”

Sunday was my day of rest but Monday morning, I logged in early to check for results.

Followers equaled seven! 

The same three were listed, of course and there was a message from Ed asking if I was allergic to wool.  I didn’t reply but went straight to the new ones. 

“Melon-Collie”?   Perhaps, a sad famer who grew melons and loved big dogs?  Click.

 “Ed, the Sheep Shearer 2”.  He included his phone number. Click.

“Cat Lady Blanche” with a dozen smiling cats.  Click.

The Final posting was from ”Chartreuse  Tiger”.  I was intrigued!  Chartreuse was spelled correctly and that didn’t happen often.  His page was full of tigers and old-fashioned greeting cards.  I especially liked a card with a google-eyed frog holding a large red heart.  The caption read, “Don’t Make Me Croak!  Be My Valentine”.  I was smiling by the time I reached his favorite quote and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw it.  It read 

ElementaryMy Dear Watson”.

C Copyright April. 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey