Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Peacock's Mirror

The Peacock’s Mirror
     By Deborah J Lindsey

“But I don’t want to strut.  Can’t I just walk about a bit?”

“Absolutely Not!”  “You come from a very long line of strutters and you must continue the family tradition.”

“Harold, listen to your Father.”

“But Mom. I don’t like strutting.  My tail plumes aren’t long enough yet; I measured them this morning.”

“Which measure did you use?”

“The one in your sewing basket.”

“No, no that one won’t work.  That one only measures home skills like the correct size of eggs
, nest building, and The Pea Hen’s Guide: Choosing the Best Strutter

"Use your Father’s measure; it’s on the hall table.”

“Yes, that’s the one.  Just attach it and don’t forget to activate the mirror.  The mirror will make your plumes seem ten time longer and one hundred times more beautiful.

“So, the mirror makes things seem something different than they really are?”

“Yes, Dear. Now, go strut.  Make us proud.”

 C Copyright June 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

6/27 Title prompt
Write a flash story using this as your title:
The Strutting Peacock

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mama’s Coffee Pot

      By Deborah J Lindsey

“I don’t know what to write.”  Gwen said and frowned at the blank computer screen.

She walked into her tiny pink and white kitchen and pulled a mug from the cabinet.  She also took down a box of coffee that held fifty neatly packaged individual servings. She popped one in the machine and pulled down the handle.  The machine protested only a moment before it hissed and gurgled out a perfect cup of “Bernardo’s Best Breakfast Blend”.  Gwen removed the cup from the machine and lifted it to her lips.  Before taking a sip, she allowed the heady aroma to fill her nostrils. 

To her, it was the fresh smell of morning and the promise of a brand-new day and it reminded her of Mama.

Memories took hold and Gwen was back making coffee in the tiny pink and white kitchen on Vermont Street. She knew Mama lay in the darkness, smiling and listening to her coffee making efforts and as soon as the coffee aroma reached her, Mama and her smile would appear in the doorway.

In those long-ago days, Gwen could brew coffee but was not allowed to drink it for it was considered too strong for children.   Mama made what she called “kid’s coffee” which was mostly milk and sugar with a hint of coffee to flavor.  Even though it wasn’t the real thing, Gwen loved it and the time drinking “coffee” with Mama was a special time that they alone shared.

 Gwen remembered learning to make coffee in the new electric percolator and how proud she was when she finally mastered it.

Mama kept her coffee pot on what she called a “Coffee Service.”  It was just a plastic tray with two ivy-patterned china cups, a cut-glass sugar bowl and a black and white spotted cow that poured cream from its mouth.

The pot itself was gleaming stainless-steel with an elegant fluted spout and a top with a clear glass dome in the lid.   This all set on a black base with a caution that warned in gold letters-
                                                         “Do Not Immerse.”

 Gwen filled the pot with water and carefully measured out coffee from the ceramic canister with the strawberries twinning on the front.  Into the metal basket, she counted - two-four-six-eight-ten-twelve and one more scoop for the pot, Mama always said. Then she placed the top on the basket and maneuvered the entire set-up into the center well at the bottom of the pot.  She added the top and pressed it firmly in place.

Gwen waited for the familiar whoosh and groan as the water was sucked up through the metal tube and filtered back down through the dry coffee.

Gwen took her first sip of coffee.  The space in the doorway was empty and the coffee tasted bitter on her tongue.

                                                                                             Copyright June 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey

First line prompt for 6/17/17: I don't know what to write.

The Matched Set

 The Matched Set

    By Deborah J Lindsey

Does God know how much money you have and can He tell someone else?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Thirty-Four years ago, I was a new Mom with many diapers.  Yes, the kind you
re-use.  Imagine that?  We had just moved into a different rental house and there was no washer or dryer.

One morning, David and I found ourselves parked outside the used appliance store.  We sat in the car and figured up how much we could spend.  We hoped it would be enough for a washing machine.  We were not even considering a dryer at this point.

Inside the store, we started to look at the available washers.  Almost Immediately, the salesman began to direct us to the matched sets. We didn’t think that was an option, so we resisted.

After a while however, we relented and started looking at the sets.  There were no prices listed anywhere but we were quite sure the sets were too expensive for us.

“How much for the pair?”  David finally asked.

To our amazement, the cost of the pair was the exact amount we had counted out while sitting in the car outside the store.

Not only did God know exactly how much money we had!  He let the salesman know as well!



We serve a Mighty God Who gives good gifts to His Children. He is more than able to supply our every need.


                                                     C Copyright June 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey   


Philippians 4:19King James Version (KJV)

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Happy 34th Birthday Silas

Every year about this time, I dig out my old handwritten journal and remind myself about the wonderful blessings of our Lord and the great miracle He gave us-Silas. Silas weighed 12-10 . His birth was difficult, Worst that could be, the Dr said. Silas was without a heart beat 10+ minutes,,His apgar score was 3 at 10 minutes. Normal babies are born with a score of 7 and that number increases quickly. Drs came and told us.. "Hr will never be a normal child. He will be little more than a vegetable. and that is IF he lives and we don't think he will." I didn't believe them and told them so and they thought I was just under the influence of the drugs and didn't understand what they were telling me but I wasn't and I understood exactly what they were saying. Well. he did live and I am so happy today to report after many struggles with life,

he is a true Christian Believer and that is worth more that all the gold in the world. So happy Birthday Silas!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


By Deborah J Lindsey

“Honey, I’m afraid you’ve been bamboozled.  Ed Shanks is nothing more than a “hot air artist.”  He’s not going to marry you and walking the coral fence without falling really doesn’t qualify as gymnastics.”

Sixteen-year-old Marney looked full into her Mama’s care worn face. “Mamas’ as old as the ark and twice as dreary.”  She thought. Ed was “going places” and he promised to take me. “Mama just didn’t like him because he was a yank.”

Mama reached out to touch her daughter but Marney shook her hand away and turned her back.  She certainty wasn’t in the mood to listen to Mama quote some parable about a seed sower or some such rot.  Hadn’t she heard that stuff every day of her life? 

Marney huffed her way back to the farmhouse.  She climbed the stairs to her room and took out a small suitcase from the closet. She pulled a few items from the chest and then remembered Grandma’s lucky coin. It wasn’t a rare coin or worth anything more than just face value but Grandma said it was lucky and that was good enough.  Marney took the coin, tossed it in the air for the flip- “heads” she left- “tails” she stayed. 

It was “heads.”

Marney started to pack in earnest. She was surprised by the hot tears that stung her cheeks.  Marney looked at the dolls that sat on the window sill.  They seemed to to mock her with “I told you so” eyes.

“Mama doesn’t know anything! 
She’s wrong! 
Ed isn’t a “hot air artist”!  He’s afraid of heights! He’d never even go near a hot air balloon.”

Marney smiled, Ed was a long-haul trucker who drove a reefer cross country.   He wore a fedora like Indiana jones and he loved her. 

“He will marry me.”  Marney whispered.

She looked at her dolls again and wondered which one would like to go.  She chose the one with the Olympic Medal. 

                                                  C Copyright June 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey

6/6/17 Word List Prompt
Write what ever you want, about 200-500 words. You have to use the following words: (You can change tense, make it plural, etc., as long as the root word is there.)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Breathing is Optional

6/5 dialogue prompt. No speech tags. Nothing. Just the conversation.
"Breathing is optional, you know."

Breathing is Optional
       By Deborah J Lindsey

“Breathing is optional, you know.”

“What do you mean, “Breathing is optional?
What kind of test is this?
I thought I was here for a chest X-ray?

I am completely calm! I just want some answers!
No!, I’m not signing anything!

OK, I am calm and I am reading your paperwork but who is this Doctor? I’ve never even heard of him?

Ok, let me get this straight. This Doctor, Edmund A. Qak is in a partnership with my regular primary physician and it is he who has authorized this test?

I’m sorry, how can I not laugh at the name? Surely, that isn’t his real name?

OK, I’ve signed giving permission for this “Qak” to perform the test.
Billing? Why do I need to talk to the Billing department?
Yes, you have all my cards-Medicare parts ABCDEFG and P and my supplemental coverage card. 

I have a library card. Do you need that as well?

No, I’m not a violent person as a rule but I am missing my morning coffee.

Oh Really! The pre-test instructions stated I was to be fasting after midnight.

Of course, I’m sure. See, here it is- plain black and white.

All-right then, bring me a cup of coffee please.
For staff only, huh? Why am I not surprised?

Ok, can we proceed?"

“Stand still please. Breathing is optional.”

C Copyright by Deborah J Lindsey May 2017

One of my favorite writing prompts-Dialog with no qualifiers!  Fun!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Welcome Naomi Rose

May 6 2017

Welcome Naomi Rose


Went to an even tonight...someone there hated  me so much.  Felt like tiny daggers piercing my skin.  Hatred is such an evil thing.  I don't think I've ever hatred that  strong.  How sad.  For I would have greeted her with love.  I'm so sorry. I pay the Lord help her.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Cancer Free

and on a personal note, todays' colonscopy was perfect..  2 years cancer free. Thank You Lord~