Saturday, April 20, 2013


Sleep, these days was a rare butterfly that refused capture until it lay exhausted, clinging precariously to the underside of some green leaf. The woman watched it a moment in the half-light as it rested fragile and delicate suspended in the mist until weary wings collapsed and it slipped away gently to the forest floor. A morning bird had been watching too. The flash of movement had attracted his attention. He hushed his sun song and swooped down landing with perfect precision to where the butterfly lay. He cocked his head from side to side inspecting the fallen with a keen and critical eye. At last, finding it quite suitable for a hungry bird's breakfast, snatched it up and carried it high into the branches of a tall oak. With two great gulps, the butterfly was gone and the bird continued his task of waking the sun.

The sun complied and rose hot and sticky. It quickly blasted away the last bits of coolness. Sweat prickled and creased rivers down her back. The woman sighed. It was going to be a long day- a very long day indeed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Makes me Wonder

Makes me really wonder why an insurance company thinks s that a compression fracture BREAK at T8 would be totally well in 2-4 weeks.

Well, then there is pool therapy right?
Yes, indeed!  Put on that body brace and swim!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


S was here last weekend.  Well, for Friday and Saturday night.  At least he got a small break.

M has removed me from his friends list on FB again.  I truly don't understand him.  Wonder what I did this time?

Maybe Spring has finally came for good.  Birds have discovered our feeder.  We have a wonderful pair of doves, some red wing blackbirds, robins and some  "Ugly Joes"  D calls them. They take the peanuts and fly away with them.

Jim & Lish  will be in town Friday and Saturday. > Andy B, is playing at a place called  "The Tin Roof?

Hope to get to have a short visit.

Strange phone call from Mama tonight.  She called my old number which belongs to S now.  sigh..