Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bunny Adventure

   Hi!  My Name is Strawberry Bunny.  I  am an Ozimals Bunneh and I live in Second Life. My friend, Hare is a Snow Leopard and she took me and  some friends on an adventure.  I thought I would share it.  In the photo above, Hare took me to a concert.  We didn't stay long.  Then we went home and got my friends.

Here we are at the Ozimals Store.  I saw lots of tasty food but Hare did not buy any. Harry is the brown bunny riding on Hare's neck.  I am the cute bunny in the middle and  
Viiney  is the bunny riding  close to Hare's tail.
 In this picture Hare is teaching us how to stalk.  I don't know what she was stalking or really what that means but the tall grass tasted like lemon.  I rather liked it.  Vinney said I should 

not sample strange food but I am my own bunny and I will do as I please.  Strawberry Bunnies are  very independent!
  This is a place called "Lost Gardens of Apollo"  We never  saw anyone named Apollo but there were some people sitting in a circle.  Hare padded by very quietly as not to disturb them.  It felt very ancient  to me here and I wanted to stay and look more but Hare said we must go home and go to bed or our stats would  get bad.  So, we went home .

Love, Strawberry