Monday, July 15, 2013

Waiting Game

D had his surgeon visit last week. Dr lowered the pain meds and now his pain is worse than ever.  He willhave to call the DR.  Nobody should hurt  like that especially when help is available.  It was a horrible weekend!

 Short term disability is cut off now apparently.  We are waiting to see about the long term.

Bills don't care whatis happening in your life, Still, all is well and I believe that.

Next Dr visit is in 6 weeks.  D says he will be ready to go back to work by then.  If so, he has a long long way to go.  He can hardly sit in the car long enough for short trips.  How will hemanage an entire day?   He has worked hard all his life, hardly ever took sick days even when he was sick.

 Women always complain about husbands that are home with them after retirement, I can say, I am noton of them.  I am happy to have him home.

We will see what tommorrow brings.  The Lord is more than able to supply every need. I refuse to be sad.

July 24. 2013

Surgeon's staff got super efficient and decided that the time period was up and since D's job was mostly sedentary, he could go back to work.  We were shocked and didn't actually *THINK* about this until later.  He asked for a second opinion and the Dr had just agreed withou asking D how he was doing.  Hoping that the long term will go through. but had to go through the  ropes again to get the short term reinstated.

All of this does't matter one whit.  The Lord is able and He know exactly what we need.  I refuse to be discouraged and if I do, I refuse to stay that way.

July 28, 2013

Short term has been reinstated .  Long term is pending.  But at least we can make the rent and buy food and meds.  D's pain is ongoing and still making it difficult to sit for long.  Driving is hard as well.  We used to take such lovely long drives into the countryside but these days I must content myself with the occasional trip to the grocery.

Oh yes, if D had  goneback to work  he would have been on the bench. No assignment to go to.

I am hoping for a trip to "Rabbit Park" but that may not be for a while.  Rabbit Park is not all that far..--in Greenwood.. but it seems far.  Never actually seen a rabbit there except the secret ones that rest there in their secret place.  Rabbit Park.  Rest well my bunnies.