Friday, May 30, 2014

It's been a Year

It's been a year since D 's  back surgery.  He lives with pain every waking moment and even his sleep echoes moans and cries.

On Growing Older.. My Secret Hair

My Secret Hair
By Deborah J Lindsey

My normal routine when styling my hair,
I parted it right,
And I left it there.

Then one bright morning why I cannot say,
I decided to
style it another way.

I brushed it back for a pony tail twist,
and what I saw there
could never be missed.

While I stared, pondering what I might do,
I spied one white hair,
No, now I see two!

On looking closer, I found a bunch more,
I locked the window
and bolted the door.

Oh, cruel discovery! Old age had crept in.
What do I do now?
How do I begin?

I thought of my hair dresser, she'd not tell,
She'd dye it!
I'd try it!
All would be well.

So, I brushed it right down, my secret hair.
I parted it right,
and I left it there.

(until I could make an appointment with my hair dresser)

(C) copyright by Deborah J Lindsey 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Ofically 62 years old.  Had a few lovely birthday wishes.  Both my sons called with wishes.  My only Grandaughter sent me a lovely card and promise of a package containing a rabbit she drew herself. 

I am looking forward to that.

Mama sent me some birthday money and a copy pf my original birth certificate- to get my SS started.

S is back on the regional trucking... home weekends we hope.  The local job was full of false promises.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Limber Lost

Thursday, May 8, 2024 Michael lost his right leg.

Friday, May 9, 2014 was Silas last day on the road.  New job starts Monday.  He willbe hom every night.

Time marches on and soon time will be no more.

Are you ready?