Thursday, December 22, 2016

                Through the Woods and Over the River
                      (A Winter's Tale by Deborah J Lindsey)

                  We have journeyed far this night,
                          Best Belov-ed.
                  We journeyed though the woods
                             lovely and dark.
                Save for a sliver of a pale moon
                         to light our path.
                     We met a travel weary poet          
                          and his sleigh horse.
                 The snow drifted about them,
                        glistening and deep.                     
                      The horse was not lost,
                       He was sure of the way.
     He stamped and snorted out his eager breath.
        And his harness bells jingled a song of home.

                    But The poet was lost,
              'He was hopelessly spellbound.
             Immersed in the magic of the woods
                  And the silence of the night.
                         He was a prisoner,
            Willingly ensnared in his web of words.

             We have journeyed far this night,
                              Best Belov-ed.
           Look yonder, over across this frozen river,
                  Where the lamp lights beckon,
            And the hearth fires crackle away the chill.  

                           Our Dear One waits,
                    Pink-cheeked and hungry eyed.
                       She stirs her bubbling kettle,
                       And longs to fill our bowls
                        With her warmth and love.
                  C Copyright December, 2016 by Deborah J Lindsey

Author's Note:  Many thanks to the   poster of this snap- an elf and a bunny looking across a frozen pond.  Perhaps, a lovely supper waited in one of the lamp-lit houses? Perhaps, a savory stew, fragrant and hearty for the elf and a pile of fresh hay and roasted carrot for the bunny?

Again, thanks for delighting my day with words.  DJL

I got inspired by a photo someone shared on Face Book and wrote about it I  I have spent the entire morning and well into the afternoon in perfect writer’s delight. Writing makes me happy. Bunnies make me happy. Elves, well I can take them or leave them but the little elf that sat with the bunny looking across a frozen river at houses with welcome lamps and hearth fires burning has done a happy job on this lady. How so? Snatches from a song- over the river and through the woods, but in my use, through the woods and over the river, and a poem remembered most happily about lovely, dark,deep woods filled with snow(thanks RF) all sprang forth to brighten my day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Conversation With an Enemy

Dialog only prompt for 12/7/2016:
"I am my own worst enemy."
This is not the first line or the last line, just has to be used somewhere in your response. Remember dialog only not even ," said xxxx.

               A  Conversation With an Enemy

                      By Deborah J Lindsey

"Who’s there? 

I know you’re there and I know who you are. Your laughter gave you away. "

"You are your own worst enemy.”

“Don’t you mean thatYOU are my worst enemy? “

“No need to whisper in that obscene voice. 

Oh yes, I remember and I agree that was a horrible thing I did and maybe you’re right in saying that I am my own worst enemy. 

Yes, I am totally guilty.

I am guilty of many things but my Lord is gracious. I’ve talked to Him and I am sure he has forgiven me. In fact, he threw all that bad stuff into the ‘Sea of Forgetfulness’ and doesn’t even remember it at all. 
You are the one that remembers it all.

You’re right. I did that too but you are the accuser of the brethren. Well, sistern in my case.

No, I didn’t google “sistern”. 

I’m a writer! I’ll write what I want!

Yes, even if it is a made-up word.

Get thee behind me satan.

You know you have to leave, in fact you have to flee.”

“Yes, I know, but I’ll be back.”


C Copyright 2016 by Deborah J Lindsey