Friday, December 12, 2014


Been ages since I wrote anything.  Since then  my old computer crashed and I have a new Fred.  Came with Windows 8 but Silas discovered an ap to make it look like windows t,

Silas was home with us about 6 weeks.  He broke his foot at a truck stop parking lot.  Being home gave him time to get his heart problem settled.  Stress test showed  "abnormal"  the bottom half of his heart was not working correctly. 

After all the tests. Silas is perfectly well.  The Lord is so good!

Christmas Again

Here we are..Christmas again.  I see al the FB posts.. "put Christ back in CHRISTMAS"  I never share those because I don't agree.  Christ was NEVER in Christmas so how can He be put back in???

Jesus Christ was not born in the winter time on December 25th.  He is  The Lamb of God and as all lambs they are born in the springs.  shepherds could not have been watching their flocks at night on December 25th.. -- the hills of Judea would have been full of snow.

December 25th is the Sun god's birthday... it was just changed ... to the Son of God's birthday..they just added one little word but that's all it takes.. one little word...

Friday, May 30, 2014

It's been a Year

It's been a year since D 's  back surgery.  He lives with pain every waking moment and even his sleep echoes moans and cries.

On Growing Older.. My Secret Hair

My Secret Hair
By Deborah J Lindsey

My normal routine when styling my hair,
I parted it right,
And I left it there.

Then one bright morning why I cannot say,
I decided to
style it another way.

I brushed it back for a pony tail twist,
and what I saw there
could never be missed.

While I stared, pondering what I might do,
I spied one white hair,
No, now I see two!

On looking closer, I found a bunch more,
I locked the window
and bolted the door.

Oh, cruel discovery! Old age had crept in.
What do I do now?
How do I begin?

I thought of my hair dresser, she'd not tell,
She'd dye it!
I'd try it!
All would be well.

So, I brushed it right down, my secret hair.
I parted it right,
and I left it there.

(until I could make an appointment with my hair dresser)

(C) copyright by Deborah J Lindsey 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Ofically 62 years old.  Had a few lovely birthday wishes.  Both my sons called with wishes.  My only Grandaughter sent me a lovely card and promise of a package containing a rabbit she drew herself. 

I am looking forward to that.

Mama sent me some birthday money and a copy pf my original birth certificate- to get my SS started.

S is back on the regional trucking... home weekends we hope.  The local job was full of false promises.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Limber Lost

Thursday, May 8, 2024 Michael lost his right leg.

Friday, May 9, 2014 was Silas last day on the road.  New job starts Monday.  He willbe hom every night.

Time marches on and soon time will be no more.

Are you ready?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The End of Time

Here we are living in the closing moments of time.
Look to the Lord.  He is our only hope.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Things best left in he past

I have tossed away Disney, Cocoa Beach. Clear Water, Gator Land, the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean and a large portion of the South West. It was a huge undertaking but I have managed. 

Great is the Lord who giveth more grace.

Friday, January 17, 2014

2006 Reflections

Saturday. May 13, 2006

I took the personality test again to see if I have changed... No, I haven't.. Still the same!

ENFJ's are sociable, intuitive, sensitive and organized. (hmm?  I can be in a pinch) These energetic, warm and charming folks are influential, and they make catalytic and charismatic leaders.  People often find that they want to do whatever ENFJ's want them to do! (I like this!) Many ENFJ's have a natural gift for public speaking (oh my No Way!) and for organizing people to accomplish a goal-whether in politics, business, religion, teaching, sales, or therapy.  (Yeah, I've done that) Responsible, tenacious, idealistic and opinionated, (uh oh-opinionated) outgoing ENFJ's usually work their magic by artful facilitation or tactful persuasion, but they are willing to do  battle (Yeah, done that too) with people and institutions they see as wrong-minded or mean-spirited.  ENFJ's honor their commitments and expect the same of others.  This type paradoxical pitfalls of conflict avoidance and "kinder-than-thou" righteous indignation may get in their way, now and then.  Groups headed by competent ENFJ's are marked by well-defined mission, teamwork, open communication, appreciation and support for every member-but they may be well advised to have other types look after the impersonal details.

ENFJ's believe in their dreams and see themselves as helpers and enablers.  (Cool!)

Would this be the type of person who would share rabbit photos to some unassuming person TRAPPED next to her on a plane?  OH YEAH!  In a Hare's Breath!

October 29, 2003

**Friends come and go in our lives.  Some are quick, bright, brilliant flashes.that require much attention and ado. High maintenance!  Others are soft glows.  Warm lanterns in quiet windows content to "just be."   True friends are treasures and I am prone to want to hold fast to treasures.  Greedy and stubborn I suppose.  True friends accept faults, shortcomings and misunderstandings. This true friendship will endure through the darkest storm.  A bit tattered in the morning, but still willing to endure.  Still sure that the friendship is worth the storm.  "Still Willing" that's the key.

Some friends are surprises!  The depth you only can see in time of need.  These are friends indeed!

Other friends are not friends at all. They are pretenders.  They are shallow with no depth of root.  They are the users and people collectors, confidence gatherers and  any breeze or imaginined slight whisks them away like so much fluff and dander.

But what of Best Friends?  They are the ones "willing" without a second thought, to venture out in dark, stormy nights.because you asked.   Best friends come with no strings attached.

Thinking on all of this today in the waning moments of my favorite month, October, I find myself  outside of the circle and I realize that things are not always what they seem. I am enlightened, learning and "willing".

 Experiences have tutored me.  If someone makes their circle small, then I am apt to draw a bigger circle and include them again.
 Foolish, isn't it?.  Naive? Yes, probably so. Most often, I am  left with just a circle, but I am better for having made the attempt.