Friday, March 19, 2010

I was't payin g Attention

I wasn't paying attention and February flew past and now March is in the downhill slide.  Happens though.
Three eye surgeries might do that to a person. So, like the cartoon-Nothing is new and Plenty is new!

I just read again my Valentine to Mark Twain.  It is one of my favorite pieces- one of the very  few I actually saved when I destroyed this blog- and if a friend or someone close to me had written this piece and it were available to me and I knew about it, I would run to view it.  In fact, I wold read it several times and I would read it often but that is just me. 

On Writing

A writer has to be open minded, calloused and stubborn- if you heart tells you so.   Praise and criticisms are the learning growing  tools writers need if they are ever able to move beyond themselves and view the work as that-a work. And if you find me guilty of wearing some story on my sleeve (It could happen but I am sure I am well past this) feel free to knock it off, stomp on it, beat it, whip it, hang it out to dry-whatever you like but having no comment is the cruelest to bear.  No  Comment is a black hole-it leaves you on the edge peering down into the black vastness of it all.  Jump or no jump?

*  I am open minded.  I am more than willing to entertain each  and every comment
*  I  am calloused.  unflattering comments are just tools as are the flattering ones.  All are there to be
    examined and given their due.
*  I am stubborn.  Having the Taurus nature makes me more so I think but after I have scrutinized and
     examined all comments -every  piece, every  paragraph, every sentence or even my particular word choice and it still speaks good to me, then it stays.

If you believe in your writing, be  open minded, calloused and stubborn.

Be willing to listen
Be willing to examine and weigh each praise and criticism with equal value and act accordingly.
                Decide if the praise is really warranted,  Is it really good? what makes it so?
                 Decide if the criticism has  merit.  If it does, embrace it.  Fix what you can or scrap it.
Be willing to keep what speaks to you heart.  If it feels totally  right and correct to  you, hold onto it.
               What one readers hates,  another one will love.  But be sure,

I didn't plan on writing on writing today.  I was only going to post quickly because it has been a while and say I have pneumonia and I am feeling better and that  D and I are going  on a trip to Las Vegas on Tuesday and that I have a rabbit sitter I am comfortable with and that the sun is shinning  and it is warm  and I expect any moment to hear a knock from  maintenance coming again to repair the vertical blinds (I TRULY HATE THOSE) and the disposal. That's what I was going to write about but then  I read My Valentine to Mark Twain and I was amazed that these words came from me and I realized that Mark Twain smoked cigars instead of a pipe and that this editor has  no spell checker.

And I thought about all the people I have shared my Second Life book with and the few  who commented.  I believe the fault lies with me.  I am too eager to share.  When I have something  I think is good,  I am too quick to share.  So, (I have used that word way too much but SO what)  many very nice people have accepted yet another item into inventory that must be dealt  with at some point because they are nice people.

SO, "Life at Peacock Point, The New Neighbors" available in Second Life at my shop will be for sale.
and the voice I am hearing in my head now (HOW does this happen???)is that wonderful sweet voice of that young boy in "Oliver" singing  "Who will buy?"    And now, I'll have to watch the movie again or at the very least, look up the song lyrics.  Maybe go into I-tunes and add it to my I-Pod or look it up on youtube.. and so it goes...