Monday, August 2, 2010

*FLASH* Bunneh Racer

FLASH-World Famous Bunneh Racer
About da Bunneh-

Full Name:  Flash Victoria SpeedBump Dale Bunnrnhart Gordon

Nick Names:   Fluffy , Freckles, Huck A-hun of Burning Fuzzy Love (my Buny Buck  Friend calls me that), Hausenpheffer, & Speedy Bunn Gonzalez      
YEARS RACING ON THE CIRCUIT: 3 years Daytona : 2 Years Indianapolis Bunny Speedway..WINNER both years : Bunny 500!  WINNER 15 times - Turtle and Hare Race---- Are you Kidding?  WINNER!

PEDIGREE  Father : Flash Gordon Wonder Bunn
                    Father:  Dale Bunnhart
                   Mother : Angela Andretti

Favorite Color:  Purple & Lime Green

Favorite Song:  "Hoppin' All Over the World"
From Classic Bunny Tunes

Favorite Food:  Carrots, Raisins, Graham Crackers, Cilantro, Parsley &Sprouts ; Fresh Mint. HEY! I couldn't  decide!

COMMENTS: I have been a racing bunn all my life.   All of my family are racers!  I strive for Bunn Excellence and  I admit I have a weakness for shiny  gleaming trophies.  May the Best Bunn Win... umm that will be me of course!  HOO!

MOTTO:  “You’re no bunny ‘till some bunny loves you”

My Owner &Trainer ; Tranier  is : Hare
erTrain I accept BUT NoBunny Owns me!
@@@ I am a free range Bunneh-Oh Yeah@@@
To schedule Personal Appearances, Book Signings, Charity Events,  Photo Ops, New Nests Dedications and Pawtographs,  Please contact my agent:
 Hare (she is extremely slow but she is loyal )

Here is a description of my last race.  I have since retired from racing .

I exist in a land called Second Life.

--Second Life In- World Race  Owners and Trainers check the racing circle.  
Hare kept offering racing tips and encouragement. 
 I finally told  her to "Stiffle it!"  I am a professional!  I KNOW my business!                                   

Everybunn was excited! 
 The golden gate was lifted and most everybunn hopped out.  
First bunn to cross the red circle was the winner!

At first, I was stunned by all the lights and noise and  was frozen in place (which is unusual for me.  I am usually a rocket!) 

Upon reflection, I think  the cause of my problem was that  I took a great interest in this  Beautiful Chocolate Mini Rex Buck  with deep brown eyes.  
He was not in the race!  I guess his owner brought him to see the excitement.  He appeared very happy and he winked at me a couple of times and I winked back as any doe of good breeding would do. 

A cheer wnet up from the crowd which bolted my attention back to the race . I quickly regained my  concentration  and  turned my gaze from tthe pawsome buck and binky-ed high  in the air.  

I would have won too but a  bunneh named Evil Eye must have put a hex or something on me.   I was frozen again and lost the race.

 I, of course, congratulated the winners because that is the sporting thing to do but I was clearly disappointed.  I didn't linger after the race.  I went to my trailer and closed the door.