Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas is over and I am glad.  The six penguins came out from the storage barn  but there was so much ado about them, I was content to let them stand in the front completely dark.  The other bits of Christmas decor I laid out will take but a little time to pack away.  This was not a  happy time -this year.  

Christmas Eve Sunday was wonderful.  We all came away with smile  and feeling so much encouraged.  Sunday Evening, Christmas Eve was ever better.  So wonderful to feel the Lord in our midst.  I never been happier I believe except in the first days on coming to Jeffersonville and knowing I was doing what the Lord wanted. .  The joy of those early days are mine again.  You see we have left our old Church and have been worshipng at Bible Bilievers Church in Louisville.  It is a difference of night and day.  

Christmas Day today was ham, dressing, green beans, lima beans and a very light christmas fruit bread Silas bought.  Also sweet potatoes cooked in olve oil. I am glad it is over.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


What a lovely day we had.  David and I cooked together.  The dinner was awesome and later We all took a drive.  Conversation was pleasant!

So much to be thankful for.  "Thank you" is just too small of a word.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

August 9, 2017 Are You Ready to Go?

August 9, 2017
None of us have the promise of tomorrow. We never know when our time is over on this earth. 

The most important question is: Are you ready to go?
Are you sure of your eternal destination?
Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ?
Have you claimed Him as your Savior?
Does He live and reign in your heart?
Are you filled with Hid precious Spirit?
Please be sure now!

 Christians think of death in a much different way that people of this world.  Death is not a horrible monster and there is no fear of death, Death is an open door and Jesus Christ stands in that door.  Death changes only our dwelling place.  The "sting of death" was removed at Calvary!  What an assurance!  How Blessed are all who believe in Him.!

25 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:
26 And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:
27 Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me.  Job 19:25-27 KJV

 This is my story.

we were on vacation visiting family. The Dr changed my already (5 times normal strength insulin) from twice a day to three times per day.  I monitor my blood sugar levels all the time.  Most of the time it is high.  With the extra doses, I'd been having a few lower readings but not extreme.

 On the 9th of August, I began to feel the symptom sofa hypoglycemia, I treated it with a couple of hard candies.  D. had picked me up at my Mamas' and we went back to the hotel.  D went upstairs while I was waiting in the truck.  My sugar went low-very low...  I I don't know how I was alert enough to take a reading, but I did, it was 49.!  Somehow, I knew enough to eat mints that I always carry.  I vaguely recall stuffing them in my mouth and chewing, that is a very sketchy memory.

When blood sugar goes that low, you are unable to even think.  You know something is wrong but cannot act on it.

When D. came back to the truck, he thought I was asleep.   I have NO memory of unlocking the truck door. Only the Lord knows how I did that.  D says I told him 'I needed to eat'.  He took me to Wendy’s' and bought me a cheese burger and fries.  He said I didn't know what to do with it.

Back to the hotel. somehow, I made it  from the truck it to the room then collapsed on the bed. I was going in and out of consciousness. It was pnly then that D. realized the true emergency of my situation.D called an ambulance, He thought I was having a heart attack or stroke.  I could hear D. an S, talking but they sounded far away as in a dream.  I remember telling them I loved them and telling them goodbye and I remember saying I was ready to go.

Blood sugar levels can get so low that a diabetic coma results and that is fatal.

It wasn't a heart attack and it wasn't a stroke. just extremely low sugar.  My respiration from the ER report was only 18 when I arrived.  The hospital was next door to the hotel-  very short trip by ambulance.

The Dr's got my level back up but it bottomed out again.  Then they brought me a sandwich, applesauce and some chips.  I stayed a while in ER and then was released.

The point to all of this is.... I was ready to go, and If it had been my time, I was OK with that.

PLEASE Be ready.... Be sure... Be certain you soul is right with God.  Seek the Lord today while He may yet be found.  Do it NOW -this minute, please don't wait.


Friday, October 20, 2017


Just about 2 months ago, we left the little church in the country and as with all the other moves in my life, I am sure this was the leading of the Lord.  Thank you Lord!

This was in reply to what David wrote.  I am trying to find his words.

Amen and Amen!  I must say that I am so HAPPY!  I feel happy like I felt in the beginning when I first became a Christian. I am THRILLED.   I can’t wait for another service.  In fact, I wish there were more.  How do I know that making this change was right and ordered of the Lord?  It’s the changes I see in my walk with the Lord.  It’s a refreshing and a refilling!  How lovely!  I have never experienced such worship!  I see people before the service down on their knees at their seats and at the altar-young boys and girls, teen agers. Middle age, old age.  People concerned about the condition of their souls crying out to the Lord.   There is a special prayer meeting the Saturday night before communion Sunday.  A time set aside to pray for one another-a time to check up- and time to prepare our hearts for the Lord’s Supper.  The Lord is coming for His Bride!  The dead in Christ-our loved ones who are resting are coming back -I am looking all the time!  We WILL see them and Brother Branham too.  I never had a chance to see him or be in one of his meetings but I WILL    This is real!     -Deborah

God;s Servant

Our Dear Brother Collins has gone to be with the Lord.  Just a little over a year since Sister Collins left.

I can't  be sad because he is now in the presence of the Lord.  He has been reunited with his sweet wife and son and h as already shook the hand of  Brother Branham.  Thank You Lord for taking him quickly.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Conversation in a Kitchen

Conversation in a Kitchen
By Deborah J Lindsey

“Oh, Dear!  I have a frog in my throat and my sinuses are clogged up like a plumber’s sink.”

“What’s a plumber’s sink have to do with you feeling bad?”

“You know…  plumber’s sinks are usually clogged because they spend so much unclogging others that they neglect their own?’

“What?  No, I don’t follow.

 Do we have any more pop tarts?”

“No, we’re out, but there’s a coupon on the counter.

“Let me explain. You see, that phrase-about the plumber’s clogged sink is a “cliché”.  It’s an idiom or saying that helps to describe something.”

“Wow! What big words!  I need me some earplugs!

 Why, you’re just a “walking dictionary, aren’t you?”

“But you do understand at least part of what I’m saying, don’t you?”

“Yeah sure, I get you.  You got a frog in your throat, you have plumber’s sinuses and your engine is running but your tank is empty and you think I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Is that about it?”

Write a 100-300 word story. Make sure to use the following words (any tense of the word is fine).

Pop tarts

Friday, August 25, 2017

Jack and John

   Jack and John

       By Deborah J Lindsey

I’m so late to work.”  John sighed as he parked his Vespa in front of the brownstone.

Suddenly, a Jack rabbit hopped from a bush and stood blinking up at him.

“Are you really John, the singing telegram man?”  The rabbit asked.

“Yes, I am.  How did you know?”

“Company logo on your cap and your name tag.”

John smiled and looked the rabbit up and down.

“Are you really Jack, the Jack Rabbit?”

“Yes, I am. How did you know?”

“Ears- Jack Rabbits have extra-long ears.  Your name- well, that was a just a lucky guess.”

                                                                                     C Copyright August, 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey

Brainstorm Prompt for 8/20/17: Improv Weekend Continues!! Choose at least one of each of the categories below and write a story of no more than 100 words. Here's a title suggestion: I'm So Late to Work. 
Singing telegram man, Jack Rabbit Vespa Scooter

                              I could write way more than 100 words about rabbits! :)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

Criss Cross Applesauce

         By Deborah J Lindsey

Eleven-year-old Anna woke up eager and happy.  Today was another cooking lesson with her Grandmother Hilda.   Anna was ready.  Granny supplied the topic-meats, salads, vegetables, breads or desserts and Anna decided what she would like to ty.  Todays’topic was desserts and Anna had chosen Old-Fashioned Apple Sause Cake.

Granny greeted her with a welcome kiss and hug and handed her a pink and white checked apron. 

“Why do I need to wear an apron?  Nobody else ever does?”

Granny laughed.

“It will keep your clothes clean, it looks cool hanging in the kitchen.”
Okay, let’s get started.  Check your ingredient list.  I have some things out already- raisins are soaking in hot water.”

Anna checked her list, flour, baking soda, sugar, shortening, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves.  She read down her list and then checked it again.

“Granny, I don’t see any apple sauce. What kind do you use?  Mama uses “Moots.”

“Criss Cross Apple Sauce is the best, Dear.  I’ve used it for years.”

“Criss Cross Apple sauce,” Anna giggled and plopped down in the middle of the kitchen floor.

“What in the world are you doing?”

Anna looked puzzled.

“You know Granny, Criss Cross Apple Sauce?”

“Yes, it’s in the pantry-top shelf-left.  Be careful with the step stool.”

Anna got up and wet to the pantry and came back with two cans of apple sauce.

“Yes, there you see- Criss Cross Apple Sauce!

Now, young Miss, explain why you were sitting on the floor like an Indian.”

          C Copyright July 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

Saturday, July 22, 2017



By Deborah J Lindsey

It was Friday and I couldn’t wait to get home.

You see, learning to play the Saxophone was a dream of mine and I’d found a nice one in a pawn shop and I couldn't wait to get started.

The owner of the shop raved and declared it was the beginner Sax belonging to the late Bennie B.  He claimed Bennie was a cousin of some other famous Sax player but I had never heard of either one but the price was right so I bought it.

I ordered a “How To” on the internet- “Learn to Play the Sax In Two Days”- it sounded promising. 

The first indication that learning the Sax may not have been the best idea was Bruno.

Bruno was an unusual dog.  He always acting crazy. I guess that’s why I liked him so much but tonight, he was really acting crazy. 

When I blew “Twinkle Twinkle” he covered both ears and once he tried to drag my Sax away.

About one o’clock in the morning, I noticed Bruno was gone.  I figured he’d grown tired and went to bed.

I practiced a long while and finally felt confident enough to move past “Twinkle, Twinkle” to “Mary Had a Lamb”.  I took a deep breath and the next thing I knew someone was beating on my door. It was the cops! 

“You got a dog?”

I nodded.

“Well he’s disturbing the peace.”


“Yeah, call him.”

Bruno padded into the room looking sheepishly guilty.

He held a large sign in his mouth.  It read, “HELP”.

“Your dog has been pacing up and down the fire escape for the past hour.”

I did mention that Bruno was an unusually crazy dog but did I mention how smart he is?

                                                           C Copyright July 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

written for:
Out of the box prompt:Take these 3 "clues" - arranged in any order - and weave a story under 300 words:
1: the title of a self-help book
2: a dog acting crazy
3: police at the door at 1 AM

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Preheat Oven To 350

Preheat Oven To 350

   By Deborah J  Lindsey

“Preheat Oven to 350.
 Okay, that’s done.”

“What ‘cha up to Bunny?’

‘I’m cooking a turkey.  Would you like to stay for lunch?”

“I don’t think this bird will be ready that soon. It’s still frozen.  Have you ever cooked a turkey before?”

“No, but it’s easy as pie.  I saw it done on a cooking show.  All I need to do is preheat the oven to 350, pop the bird in and then take it out when the oven dings, It’s very simple. I think you could probably manage it if you tried.”

“Well, I don’t know?”

“Sure, look here.  The ovens’ flashing 350 and in goes the bird-like so and now START and now we wait.”

“But Hon, I think you should be using the range- not the microwave.”

“Oh, I didn’t get a free range one.  I told them I just wanted a plain turkey.

Set the table, won’t you Dear?”

“I’m so sorry Bunny, I just remembered I have a lunch date.  I really need to run.”

“Okay Dear, I understand but do stop in later for coffee and Easy pie.”

                                                                                                 C Copyright July 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey

First Line Prompt for 7/2/17: "Preheat oven to 350" 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Peacock's Mirror

The Peacock’s Mirror
     By Deborah J Lindsey

“But I don’t want to strut.  Can’t I just walk about a bit?”

“Absolutely Not!”  “You come from a very long line of strutters and you must continue the family tradition.”

“Harold, listen to your Father.”

“But Mom. I don’t like strutting.  My tail plumes aren’t long enough yet; I measured them this morning.”

“Which measure did you use?”

“The one in your sewing basket.”

“No, no that one won’t work.  That one only measures home skills like the correct size of eggs
, nest building, and The Pea Hen’s Guide: Choosing the Best Strutter

"Use your Father’s measure; it’s on the hall table.”

“Yes, that’s the one.  Just attach it and don’t forget to activate the mirror.  The mirror will make your plumes seem ten time longer and one hundred times more beautiful.

“So, the mirror makes things seem something different than they really are?”

“Yes, Dear. Now, go strut.  Make us proud.”

 C Copyright June 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

6/27 Title prompt
Write a flash story using this as your title:
The Strutting Peacock

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mama’s Coffee Pot

      By Deborah J Lindsey

“I don’t know what to write.”  Gwen said and frowned at the blank computer screen.

She walked into her tiny pink and white kitchen and pulled a mug from the cabinet.  She also took down a box of coffee that held fifty neatly packaged individual servings. She popped one in the machine and pulled down the handle.  The machine protested only a moment before it hissed and gurgled out a perfect cup of “Bernardo’s Best Breakfast Blend”.  Gwen removed the cup from the machine and lifted it to her lips.  Before taking a sip, she allowed the heady aroma to fill her nostrils. 

To her, it was the fresh smell of morning and the promise of a brand-new day and it reminded her of Mama.

Memories took hold and Gwen was back making coffee in the tiny pink and white kitchen on Vermont Street. She knew Mama lay in the darkness, smiling and listening to her coffee making efforts and as soon as the coffee aroma reached her, Mama and her smile would appear in the doorway.

In those long-ago days, Gwen could brew coffee but was not allowed to drink it for it was considered too strong for children.   Mama made what she called “kid’s coffee” which was mostly milk and sugar with a hint of coffee to flavor.  Even though it wasn’t the real thing, Gwen loved it and the time drinking “coffee” with Mama was a special time that they alone shared.

 Gwen remembered learning to make coffee in the new electric percolator and how proud she was when she finally mastered it.

Mama kept her coffee pot on what she called a “Coffee Service.”  It was just a plastic tray with two ivy-patterned china cups, a cut-glass sugar bowl and a black and white spotted cow that poured cream from its mouth.

The pot itself was gleaming stainless-steel with an elegant fluted spout and a top with a clear glass dome in the lid.   This all set on a black base with a caution that warned in gold letters-
                                                         “Do Not Immerse.”

 Gwen filled the pot with water and carefully measured out coffee from the ceramic canister with the strawberries twinning on the front.  Into the metal basket, she counted - two-four-six-eight-ten-twelve and one more scoop for the pot, Mama always said. Then she placed the top on the basket and maneuvered the entire set-up into the center well at the bottom of the pot.  She added the top and pressed it firmly in place.

Gwen waited for the familiar whoosh and groan as the water was sucked up through the metal tube and filtered back down through the dry coffee.

Gwen took her first sip of coffee.  The space in the doorway was empty and the coffee tasted bitter on her tongue.

                                                                                             Copyright June 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey

First line prompt for 6/17/17: I don't know what to write.