Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Happy 34th Birthday Silas

Every year about this time, I dig out my old handwritten journal and remind myself about the wonderful blessings of our Lord and the great miracle He gave us-Silas. Silas weighed 12-10 . His birth was difficult, Worst that could be, the Dr said. Silas was without a heart beat 10+ minutes,,His apgar score was 3 at 10 minutes. Normal babies are born with a score of 7 and that number increases quickly. Drs came and told us.. "Hr will never be a normal child. He will be little more than a vegetable. and that is IF he lives and we don't think he will." I didn't believe them and told them so and they thought I was just under the influence of the drugs and didn't understand what they were telling me but I wasn't and I understood exactly what they were saying. Well. he did live and I am so happy today to report after many struggles with life,

he is a true Christian Believer and that is worth more that all the gold in the world. So happy Birthday Silas!

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