Monday, June 5, 2017

Breathing is Optional

6/5 dialogue prompt. No speech tags. Nothing. Just the conversation.
"Breathing is optional, you know."

Breathing is Optional
       By Deborah J Lindsey

“Breathing is optional, you know.”

“What do you mean, “Breathing is optional?
What kind of test is this?
I thought I was here for a chest X-ray?

I am completely calm! I just want some answers!
No!, I’m not signing anything!

OK, I am calm and I am reading your paperwork but who is this Doctor? I’ve never even heard of him?

Ok, let me get this straight. This Doctor, Edmund A. Qak is in a partnership with my regular primary physician and it is he who has authorized this test?

I’m sorry, how can I not laugh at the name? Surely, that isn’t his real name?

OK, I’ve signed giving permission for this “Qak” to perform the test.
Billing? Why do I need to talk to the Billing department?
Yes, you have all my cards-Medicare parts ABCDEFG and P and my supplemental coverage card. 

I have a library card. Do you need that as well?

No, I’m not a violent person as a rule but I am missing my morning coffee.

Oh Really! The pre-test instructions stated I was to be fasting after midnight.

Of course, I’m sure. See, here it is- plain black and white.

All-right then, bring me a cup of coffee please.
For staff only, huh? Why am I not surprised?

Ok, can we proceed?"

“Stand still please. Breathing is optional.”

C Copyright by Deborah J Lindsey May 2017

One of my favorite writing prompts-Dialog with no qualifiers!  Fun!

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