Monday, April 10, 2017

"Elementary, My Deaar Watson"

4/10 Word List Prompt
Write what ever you want. About 300-500 words. You must use these words (of note, you may change the tense.)

“Elementary, My Dear Watson”
    By Deborah J Lindsey

My real name is Sue Watson.  Online, I’m “Sweet Sue”. Tweeting is new but so far, my witty posts haven’t generated followers.  Well, I do have three- a car dealership in Florida. a time-share venture, and some guy who calls himself, “Ed, the Sheep-Shearer.” 

I don’t want millions-just a couple of hundred and they only need pretend to like my stories.

Writers MUST have feed-back!  We crave it!  It’s butter for our bread, oil for our vinegar, and looney for our tune!

Finally, I became so distressed, I changed my name to “Disgruntled Tweeter.”

Sunday was my day of rest but Monday morning, I logged in early to check for results.

Followers equaled seven! 

The same three were listed, of course and there was a message from Ed asking if I was allergic to wool.  I didn’t reply but went straight to the new ones. 

“Melon-Collie”?   Perhaps, a sad famer who grew melons and loved big dogs?  Click.

 “Ed, the Sheep Shearer 2”.  He included his phone number. Click.

“Cat Lady Blanche” with a dozen smiling cats.  Click.

The Final posting was from ”Chartreuse  Tiger”.  I was intrigued!  Chartreuse was spelled correctly and that didn’t happen often.  His page was full of tigers and old-fashioned greeting cards.  I especially liked a card with a google-eyed frog holding a large red heart.  The caption read, “Don’t Make Me Croak!  Be My Valentine”.  I was smiling by the time I reached his favorite quote and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw it.  It read 

ElementaryMy Dear Watson”.

C Copyright April. 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey 

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