Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Jordan River

The Jordan River
By Deborah J Lindsey

"Why did you bring us to the river?!"

“It’s a river isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but this is the Jordan River.   We only come here for baptisms and such.”

“That’s correct enough, Brother Bethel.”

“But this here is “horror-suspense” writing week.  You just can’t jump in with gospels and church doings.”

“Brother Bethel, Good People of Batesville, be it known this day, I am a-jumping in- and I am a-jumping in with both feet.”

“Go on Preacher, jump in!  I’d love to see ya soppin’ wet!”

“Shall we sing?
 Yes, we’ll gather at the river-the beautiful-beautiful-riv-ev-er -gather on…”

“Hey, stop that!  This ain’t no camp meetin’.”

“Brother Mac, I’m surprised.  I thought you loved singing with that healthy baritone of yours.  We all love it, don’t we, folks?”

“Now, Preacher, you’re confusing this whole business.  We can’t be singing in a writing promp, it’s impossible.”

“well, we’re all here and there’s the river.  That is the promp, it not?  What’s your problem, Brother?”

“The prompt was supposed to be “Horror and Suspense” themed using the line, "Why did you bring us to the river? "

“Well, Old HenryThacker lost two mules and a hitch last summer when the Jordan flooded-that was pure horror!  Watching them mules strangle to death-took more than twenty minutes, so I heared.  Why, even Leon Todd started making book on ‘em. We was all in real suspense-not knowing which one would go down first.”

(Thank you, Sister for joining us.)

Let us consider this Jordan River.  It is the river of Elijah.  It is the river of Elisha. Why, “crossing Jordan” symbolizes crossing out of this life into the “Promised Land”. This Jordan means, “death.”

“Well, it sure was death for them mules!”

“C’mon Folks, let’s get out of here before the skeeters start
To swarm.”

“Yeah, let’s go.  The next prompt is “Protest and Mind Control” themed using the line, “Why did you bring us to this Protest?”

C Copyright March, 2017 By Deborah J Lindsey

3/3/17 - Writing prompt (Remember - it's horror/suspense week) Dialogue only prompt:
"Why did you bring us to the river?!"

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