Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Two for Tea

Cinderella and Snow White glared at each other. (First line prompt)

Two for Tea

By Deborah J lindsey

Cinderella took a dainty sip of tea being sure to point her pinky.  She flounced her flounces and smiled sweetly at her guest.

Snow White was such a uppy-up!  I don’t know why I invited her to tea.  But Cinderlla knew-she wanted to see if Snow White had aged after her long sleep. Cindy could find no trace and she had looked very carefully.  Snow looked just as pert and proper as she had when they were children together living in the same story book.

Snow was sizing up her rival too and she wondered if Cindy had baked these raspberry scones herself, No, she finally decided.  She had heard the mice stayed on even after her marriage. She’d heard too that she and the Prince dinned on pumpkin a lot but that was probably just a wild rumor.

“You know Snow, I got these ruby slippers off a good fairy and they are very clickable.”  Cindy stood and clicked the heels together to illustrate her point.  Snow noticed the ruby was wearing right of the slip.  Apparently, Cindy was too fond of demonstrating them and had clicked too many times.

Snow sneered at Cin.  “Well, my slippers are made of fine bear skin and have served me well for more than a thousand years.”

“Well, I’m surprised you even wear foot attire living out in the wilds as you do and your living arrangements leave much to be desired.”

“who has questioned my past?  I’ve nothing to be ashamed of.”

C. grinned an evil grin.  “And how is that fruit company you and your Price invested in?  Does it prosper?  Apples. Wasn’t it?”

Snow stood up indignantly and prepared to take her leave.

“Thanks for tea C.  Oh, you do recall my story is fifteen pages longer than yours!”

“Well, that’s only because you slept so long.”
C flashed a wicked smile.
Snow smiled.

 “At least my Prince came to find me.  I didn’t have to trap him with see through slippers.  Glass,wern’t they? Easily broken as I recall.  Oh, you might want to tell your mice cooks, the scones needed more fruit.”

C Copyright  February, 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

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