Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Last line prompt:  Even he couldn't bring them together.


By Deborah J Lindsey

They seemed the perfect couple.  He was the star quarterback and she was head cheerleader.  They were sweethearts all their early school days and now into their Senior year they talked of a future life together.  Everyone assumed they would be married at some point.

Cupid watched them with happy interest.  These were his best work and he often boasted to his fellows about them every chance he got.

“You’ve put no work into them!”  His fellows chided him. “You haven’t picked up your bow in many moons and I wonder where your arrows might be?”  He just laughed and said his matches were always perfect, they didn’t need any work.  He saw no need to arrange and plan and putter about with this and that.  Let others weary and worry with pesky details.  Wasn’t he
“Cupid of the year” ten years in a row?   He lay back on his cloud and closed his eyes for a nap.

He slept for a long time as cupids are known to do.  When he awoke, the sweetest day of the year was fast approaching. His first thoughts were of his “perfect couple”. 

They were not so easy to find and sadly, due to his failed attention to details, the couple was not a couple anymore.  The lovely romance had sputtered and died.  It was the little things-the details.  Those smiles and sweet favors, and loving kindness that are so important had dwindled away and soon vanished entirely.   It was too late. Cupid sighed. Even he couldn't bring them together.

C Copyright February, 2017 by Deborah J Lindsey

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