Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's call it a month

A friend tells me you should "eat them when they are young"

D. sent me this cartoon. If it weren't so true, I would have laughed.

Well, so much for keeping up with the blog. January is almost over.


* We had some very cold temps... below zero a few times

* January 20
was "Yes" Day- I know a new president was sworn in on this day but January 20th is always "Yes" Day to me. This is the 32nd year for "Yes" Day. D. and I acknowledged it and then let it pass quietly.

* January 22-26
D and I went to Owensboro, KY for an overnight trip. It was a J.'s birthday party. He had some musician friends come in for a jam session. There were 5 guitar players, 2 harmonica players , drums and a double bass. Lots of wonderful food and the musi c was rocking. We all had breakfast at a place Called, "Hill Billy's" - inside a Marathon gas station. Great Food! Great Friends!

Got to visit a bit with a bunny friend of mine and meet two of her bunnies for the first time-Mema and Luna. Shadow and Babsy,are old friends! Memo entertained us with some very excellent binkies. :) Here is Luna. She has "Velvet" ears. D. and I both noted this. Beautiful Luna!

* January 27
Dealing with a sick Mr Fritz this week. He is totally into stasis! Extreme emergency situation for a bunny. ~ a bunny that doesn't eat, drink or poo. I did all I knew to do - raw pineapple juisce, baby pedeo lyte, critcal care, laxatone, belly massages ~ He needed more -Took him to the e vet on Tuesday in a whirl of snow and sleet. We got a got a foot of snow Tuesday night.

The IV fluids have made the difference. He has started nibbling and a few potties. So things are beginning to move again. He has a ways to go though.. more IV fluids tonight. I had D come and check thismorning to see if Fritz was still here. Today is the anniversary of Harry's passing. It was snowy that year too- 2000. Loosing Mr Fritz on the same day.. oh my.. too much- that would have been way too after loosing Velvet so recently. I am still forgetting and call her name. She stillhops so very near my heart. All my bunnies do! Maybe because Velvet's death was so recent, maybe because I had to "help" her go, maybe because she was still so bright and perky, maybe because of all these things, the tears are very close to the surface. While a memory of this or that can make me cry what amazes me was I found myself in tears and there was NO particulair memory that triggered it, It was just SAD, -just sad. :(

Why write all this? well, Why not? It is my blog, my life, my thoughts. A writer has to write, tha tis just the way of things. A writer has to write something.

Looking into February and beyond..

D. and I have tickets for Celtic Woman in Feb
AND tickets to see THE EAGLES in March.. woo hoo!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kill Fred!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fred is driving me crazy. I think if he continues I shall kill him! It will be very easy- I have thought about it-a lot!

CTRL-ALT-DEL Every friggin THING!

This computer is FredIV. All my computers were "Freds"

The first "Fred" was actually a program I created about a million years ago in BASIC. It was for a home school computer class I taught. Fred was a simple computer image on screen created using the available keyboard letters...line after line after line. He announced himself with a smile and then said some pretty insulting things about the teacher behind her back. The kids all laughed. When turned Friendly Fred, the computer was gone! (the programmed "Beep" was my cue to turn.)- I knew he would be gone.


Yes, he was gone every single time!

In once upon a time , long and far away days, most computers were powered by mice, hamsters or disgruntled squirrels. Squirrel power was the best
, especially if the squirrel was really really mad. A really upset squirrel could almost connect to AOL for about 3 minutes.

Kids were easier to amuse way back then too and even could be fooled into thinking computers really did run on squirrel power and that a little man lived in the fridge who operated the light switch. Yes, he's there all right. Go look for yourself!


*Name Your Computer* next post

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

New year's is over now. This is the 2nd day!

The house is very quiet and I am alone.I cried when the year year was declared but no one knew. I did not open the front door to let the new year in and I did not open the back door to let the old year out. I did not shout "Happy New Year" in to the night. I did not mark the new calendar with dates. A chore reserved for the first hours of the new year-to carry the old dates and set them to the new.

I counted foxes. There were five. They move in shadows and the glow of their eyes mark the path. I wonder if my eyes would glow in the shadows and could be seen or has the glow grown so dim it would be a darkness ?

I drank some wine and fell asleep I dreamed of rabbits in the snow. Rabbits that are lost now and can never return. save as strands of gossamer, pale and silent as a whispered memory.

I will see them again, They are safe from the foxes.