Monday, October 19, 2009

B.U.S.S.! Do You have this?

How to tell you are suffering from BUSS

This malady is ofen associated with moving from one pace to another. Duration and severity are directly related to time and energy expended and exceeded over any one 24 hour period. Bed rest and chocolate seem to help some patients but relief is short-lived and must be repeated often.

If you think you or a loved one maybe be suffering from "Boxed up stress Syndrome", please take immediate action.


* Packing Boxes contents labeled as "Stuff" and "More stuff"

* Packing Boxes labeled "Surprise", Don't Know--don't Care"?"

* Strange, odd-shaped boxes that smell funny and are ticking that are labeled
"Do Not Open 'til Christmas"


If you or a loved one are boxing up geese, You are beyond help.

Move is a go for Nov 1. I am so ready to be done.


Two Foolish Geese who agreed to be shipped to Ohio instead of some place warmer

Geese are so easy... I only asked them once....proves saying "Silly as a goose"...
Yes, it does! Don't argue with me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"Keep this copy for your records"

Today, I packed records! LP records, albums, and the devise to play them on. As I was sorting through history, putting this record and that one into the correct cover, I was suddenly awed by all I have seen. It was one of those moments- you knows the ones. The ones where if you were a cartoon, the light bulb would suddenly appear and be glowing and the caption would say, "Duh."

You get the light bulb when you are old and have seen a lot of stuff.

I sorted through the different record albums and noted the artists. James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkle, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, 2001, A Space Odyssey, The William Tell Overture, Patch, the Pirate Teaches Music, John Denver, Andy Williams, The Gatlin Brothers, Eagles. Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, Ed Ames... My Gosh!

And these records ... these were not packed somewhere in a closet! These are records I play often. (well, maybe not Patch, the Pirate) I took the tape deck/radio, CD player, record player unit from the counter next to the fridge, detached the speakers and packed them all.

So, here was history all in one box, one unit... the same artists... Gordon, Simon & Garfunkle, Glen, Ed, Andy, Kenny, John and the entire gang.. on LP - that means Long Playing.. 33. Big vinyl disks, one little hole. And here they all are again on cassette tapes...again on CD and yet again.. on my I-POD.

So! It is true.. history repeats itself!


and so it goes... I continue packing up "life"
The kitchen... the final frontier... no, wait- who knows what is in the attic?

D. would cringe if he knew I posted photos like these but this is life and life is messy and mostly disorganized. Most of us are just doing our best and leaving the rest and if we really admitted it we would have to say that some of life just can't be categorized- neatly filed though I am sure D would try.

Our organizational styles are very different. D. would probably take one item from a drawer, make an instant decision-keep, toss, ask because this item might for some unknown and obscure reason be important and of great value. (to me)

My style however, is to drag everything out, look at it, think a while about it, ponder how it came to be and where it came from and then decide- keep or toss.

It is my way and the way I approach most things- Just Jump in.. must be the bunny in me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorry, I couldn't Resist


October is my favorite month!

October has always seemed to be a moth for change and good things. Change is good, a friend told me but we do not lke change. Change can be hard. It stretches us and forces us to do more.. to be more..

So. Welcome October! Here are a couple of "change " pics.


The bunny count is NOT Offficial.

I counted 62 in the pic but I have discovered more bunnies since.
Bunnies are such excellent hiders!