Friday, December 12, 2014


Been ages since I wrote anything.  Since then  my old computer crashed and I have a new Fred.  Came with Windows 8 but Silas discovered an ap to make it look like windows t,

Silas was home with us about 6 weeks.  He broke his foot at a truck stop parking lot.  Being home gave him time to get his heart problem settled.  Stress test showed  "abnormal"  the bottom half of his heart was not working correctly. 

After all the tests. Silas is perfectly well.  The Lord is so good!

Christmas Again

Here we are..Christmas again.  I see al the FB posts.. "put Christ back in CHRISTMAS"  I never share those because I don't agree.  Christ was NEVER in Christmas so how can He be put back in???

Jesus Christ was not born in the winter time on December 25th.  He is  The Lamb of God and as all lambs they are born in the springs.  shepherds could not have been watching their flocks at night on December 25th.. -- the hills of Judea would have been full of snow.

December 25th is the Sun god's birthday... it was just changed ... to the Son of God's birthday..they just added one little word but that's all it takes.. one little word...