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On Monkeys

and what I know about them

Once, I read an article published eons ago in The Harvard Business Journal. It's all about the care and feeding of monkeys. (Monkeys, being problems) It was  originally written as a management tool, but I have applied it to my life and I realize today, I should read this again every year at the very least.

Here's what I've learned about "monkeys"

1.  If a monkey doesn't belong  to you, don't take him in to care for and don't  feel guilty because you  don't.

2.  If a monkey is yours, care for him. ( I believe we all need to be responsible monkey keepers) BUT always be searching of a way to rid yourself of this beggar.  Monkeys kept too long often become snarly, unruly and can bite really hard.

3.  Realize that some monkeys  can never leave.

4.   Never entertain old monkeys!  They will always come back to  visit but for gosh sakes, don't feed them!